Garage Story

  • Howard: CEO, golfer and car fanatic
  • June: Mother, homemaker and shopper of shoes and bags
  • Max: Lover of bones, squeaky toys and afternoon naps

Before GarageTek Colorado

"It was like the walls were closing in around us. Between a new baby, the dog and the complete remodeling of the inside of the house, the garage was filled to the ceiling with stuff. There was no room for anything. The more stuff we put in there, the less we felt like cleaning it out."

After GarageTek Colorado

"Everything had a place. My new tool set, the baby's tricycle, our winter coats. Everything! And with this new found space, we became very aware of what went into the garage. We wanted it to look great and be useful, not just be a graveyard for junk. So now, not only is it easy to store our stuff, it's easy to decide what's worth keeping and what should be thrown away."

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